Rosie Cusswell

Short, feirce, muscular halfling with a foul mouth an attitude



Short but fierce, Rosie Cusswell had more muscles than most of the crew of the Wormwood, and a fouler mouth than all of them put together aside from perhaps Rairis Krine.



Rosie was from Port Peril, and was impressed onto the Wormwood’s crew on Erastus 2nd, 4691. She made an early impression by threatening to chop off the hand of anyone who messed with her beloved handaxe. It wasn’t long before she formed a healthy hatred of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, who did not take her threats kindly. Rosie loathed the attention of Conchobhar Shortstone, but secretly quite liked his style. Like many halflings, Rosie loved food, drink, and tall tales.

Despite the best efforts of Sho Astor, Rak Wraithraiser and Harvus G’ron, she was lost at sea during a storm.

Rosie Cusswell

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