Harvus G'ron

The hawk that can talk.



6’2" and 180 pounds of hulking birdman fury.



Generations ago, Harvus G’ron’s ancestors migrated from the Menador Mountains of western Cheliax, to the southern tip of the Napsune Mountains, north east of the infamous Shackles. Hoping to escape the shadow of human strife, they found no more comfort in their new region.

When Harvus was but a boy, a traveling elf cleric by the name of Vanea T’rel passed through his village. A priestess of Calistria, many took little to no interest in the deity she preached, save for young Harvus. Though her time there was brief, Vanea taught Harvus two things: an understanding that divine magics were universal, and that true faith came from emotion and not simply devotion. This would instill in him an ease of faith that would later make interactions with other’s who did not share his belief more comfortable.

As Harvus grew, he displayed a natural aptitude for battle. Strix are bred to defend themselves from the barbarism of humans making them natural fighters, yet Harvus was proving himself a standout in his village. However, long before he was to come of age, a large band of humans razed his village. A terrible struggle ensued. The strix defended themselves mightily, but inevitably were overwhelmed and left for dead. Harvus miraculously survived the slaughter and, spurred by insatiable rage, trailed the surviving humans and butchered them in the night.

Harvus abandoned the mass grave that was his home, taking only two heirlooms: a peridot necklace and an onyx ring. With only himself to rely on, he did what he could to survive the dangers of the mountains. Over time, his natural combative instincts were augmented with developing predatory instincts. But despite his rising natural abilities, he would soon taste the wrath of humans again. Harvus set upon a band merchants that proved more than the young strix barged for. The merchants turned out to be well armed slavers.

Captured, beaten, tied up, and thrown in the back of a wagon, Harvus was carted off by the slavers to be sold in the slave markets of Osirion. After several days of travel, Harvus managed to break free from his restraints and blindly took flight until his wings could no longer support him. Lost somewhere on the edge of the Mwangi Expanse, starved and thirsty, Harvus once again found himself struggling merely to survive.

One day while scouring for food, a pair of rugged looking dwarves spotted and hailed him. They offered Harvus gold in exchange for a service rendered to them. The dwarves needed a message delivered Port Peril. Having no quarrel with dwarves and no comprehension of the magnitude of the request, Harvus agreed. The dwarves furnished him with a sealed letter, a map of both the region to get him to Peril, and a map of the town to get him to his destination.

Being in a city for the first time nearly overwhelmed the young strix, but Harvus managed to find complete his task and was even hired by the recipient of the letter to continue being a messenger. This was mostly beneficial for all parties, though not without troubles. Harvus’ innate hatred for humans often times made living in Port Peril quite a challenge. More than few brawls ensued, with varying levels of success. Yet it was his innate combat abilities that eventually gave his employers cause to make him one of their enforcers.

An unexpected quality crept into Harvus as he matured into full adulthood. He found fascination in literature and would often be found reading any and everything he could get his hands on. This love of literature helped him to cultivate a decently impressive lingual capability. A source of amusement for those around him was to joke that he was “the hawk that could talk”. The dichotomous nature of his brutish, imposing figure, and rapidly cultured personality lead to an interesting reputation.

His time in Port Peril begat a noticeable decline in the rage that had burned in his heart so long. Perhaps he was finally getting over the loss his family and village, or perhaps he was becoming complacent with his new lot in life. He knew his general hatred for humans wouldn’t die anytime soon, but it seemed easier to him to check his barbarous urges to cause ruin when dealing with them.

However, one particular night would change that. Off duty at the Formidable Maid, Harvus attempted to enjoy a quiet drink to himself. A group of ruffians thought they might challenge “the hawk that can talk”. However unbeknownst to Harvus, those ruffians were a ruse to draw him out. After dealing with them quite handily, more ambushed Harvus, rendering him unconscious…..

Harvus G'ron

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