Giffer Tibbs

A bedraggled gnome with one eye


On board the Wormwood Giffer was frequently found gambling and drinking, she had become quick friends with “Ratline” and was often found with Tilly Bracket or Sendara Quinn after supper.

She was vary fond of the supper performances of Mirie, and regularly praised her playing after Erastus 21st when she seemed to warm up to the performer.

Giffer didn’t like nor trust Rak Wraithraiser. She lost a lot of money on a bet gone sour on Erastus 23rd, and swore up and down that Rak had lost on purpose for some reason or another.

She was killed by Rak during the battle for the Man’s Promise. She, along with Rak, Harvus G’ron, Sho Astor, and Mirei, fought to take control of the ship’s wheel. However, she was knocked down in the heat of combat and before she could recover, the scaled foot of Rak found her spine and ensured she would never move again. This took place in the fog brought on by Peppery Longfarthing and Master Scourge noted her as killed in action in the ships log.

Giffer Tibbs

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