Baas’lisk Wraithraiser

Known for his vicious demenour and unsettling look



Baas’lisk is a tall and sleek black and green Nagaji who tends to dress fairly modestly for a pirate of his infamy in the shackles.

He is well known throughout the shackles as a fearsome Free-captain with a ruthless reputation for leaving no survivors from his raids. His pirate name was earned when he first began to leave entire settlements petrified before plundering anything of value. A trait he continued in his ship raids. Men, woman and even children would be turned to stone and left to drift in the empty ships.



Baas’lisk is known to command a flotilla of three ships, the Uroboros, the Bakunawa, and the Fáfnir.

Baas’lisk Wraithraiser

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