Aretta Bansion

A bad tempered ex-harlot with big ears


Aretta had been aboard the Wormwood for about five months and was a trusted goon of Master Scourge, taking on any task set before her by him and Mr. Plugg when they needed to maintain some degree of separation from whatever it was.

The night Harvus was beaten and brought aboard the Wormwood, she had been one of the five pirates involved, and had stolen from him and others gang-pressed that night.

The second day aboard the ship, a group lead by Slippery Sly Lonegan was dispatched to send a message to the newer additions to the crew. An altercation ensued in which she took several blows from Harvus before being distracted by Mirei and ultimately rendered unconcious by Sho Astor.

The whole group (Jaundice, Slippery Sly, Aretta, and Fipps) were whipped for showing up to duty late, further fueling Aretta’s need for revenge.

A few days later, Fipps and Aretta were assigned bilge duty with Sho. The two brandished weapons and attacked the unsuspecting monk. Sho, not knowing her own strength, beat Aretta within an inch of her life. Soon after, she died of complications as medical attention was slow to come.

Aretta Bansion

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