Port Peril

South of Jeopardy Bay, Port Peril sits on the mainland outside the frenzied grasp of the Eye of Abendego and west of the mountainous Terwa Uplands. Ideal for a shipping port, the rocky escarpments and bluffs cup a deep harbor of Jeopardy Bay. It’s capable of handling any laden merchants’ barque or galley. Wealthy tradesmen and ship captains build manors of stone designed to catch cool breezes from the uplands in the height of the muggy summers, while others swelter in wooden shanties or bathe in the salty tides of the eastern breakfront.

Convenient access to the jungles of the Terwa Uplands and the Slithering Coast means prospecting teams easily move inland for precious lumber, spices, and exotic fauna for trade in distant ports. Unaligned merchants sometimes berth here before making the treacherous journey north, but the Port’s militia forces ships bearing the flags of Inner Sea nations away. Merchants looking to turn a fast profit have their pick of commandeered goods in the markets of Port Peril, though the wise ones do well to check the provenance of such wares before attempting to sell them in northern ports.

Port Peril is the largest port in the Shackles and its de-facto capital. The city is protected by walls, and the stronghold of Fort Hazard. All manner of vices can be found in its twisting streets, and its busy markets thrive on the sale of stolen goods. Port Peril’s most notable sites include such diversified districts as Beggarbriar, where the toughest and often poorest citizens work long hours to craft and sell ropes, sails, and other supplies. The district of Eastwind serves as home for numerous citizens both poor and rich, the fingerlike bluff being split into two distinct wards known as Low Eastwind and High Eastwind. Before making their way to any of these locales, however, visitors to Port Peril are required by one of Bonefist’s decrees to dock in Crescent Harbor, where their wares are inspected before the ship is permitted to cross over to the main docks. Crescent Harbor’s surly and hairless harbormaster, Tsojmin Kreidoros takes his job seriously and with little humor, ensuring that the Hurricane King’s standing
orders are adhered to.


The city is ruled by the fairly tyrannical Free-captian Kerdak Bonefist, lord of the Shackles Pirates. While Captain Bonefist is gone at sea, the day-to-day affairs of Port Peril are overseen by Master Sabas Odabio, along with the harbormaster Kreidoros and merchant master Pherias Jakar.

The three possess uncanny penchants for lists and monitoring accounts, and between them know their way around the convoluted legal systems of almost any Inner Sea nation whose less lawful sailors may hope to do business in Port Peril.

Port Peril

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