Tag: Island


  • Besmara’s Throne

    Worshipers of the pirate goddess [[Besmara | Besmara]] are expected to make pilgrimages to this holy island at least once in their lifetimes. Those who manage to navigate the treacherous inlets and strange creatures that inhabit the misty isle might win a …

  • Cannibal Islands

    The violent natives known as the kuru make their homes in these dense jungle isles. Those few who have escaped the lands whisper of unspeakable sacrifices and the inhabitants’ inhuman Blood Queen.

  • Kepre Dua

    A secluded enclave of elves makes its home here, in the town of Alendruan Harbor. The inhabitants are zealous worshipers of the goddess Calistria.

  • Nalt’s Island

    Eel Skull, the ruined fortress of the mad smuggler Nalt Tarbow, lies upon this island. Within are said to be treasures of fantastic value and power enough to drive any owner insane.

  • Raptor Island

    Aside from the few residents of Fort Holiday, this island is the domain of primeval creatures, particularly brightly feathered deinonychuses.

  • Rhampore Islands

    It's rumared that Rakshasas have infiltrated this holdout of Vudrani sailors, which transformed it from a harbor for honest traders and pirates into a bloodthirsty den of killers and slavers.

  • Shenchu Bay

    A group of free-captains called the Wise Council of Three rules over this enclave of mariners from the distant lands of Tian Xia.

  • The Smoker

    The largest active volcano in the Shackles, Mount Keeba. It is rumored to be the home to three otherworldly oracles— Cenabal, Raeke, and Zhaegog—and their cabal of owlmasked servants.

  • Taldas Island

    This island looks as though a slice of the Taldan countryside had been transplanted to the Shackles. Legend has it that the island was recreated in that nation’s image to indulge a former pirate lord’s aristocratic wife. The land’s courtly traditions …

  • Whyrlis Rock

    Spires of gnashing rocks circle this island It's rumored to be the the site of an ancient battle between two great sorcerers.

  • Widowmaker Island

    This island is known as a den of gambling and blood sports, and its most popular and populous site is the town of Arena, which hosts savage battles of all sorts in its giant coliseum.

  • Windword Isle

    Ever since the rise and subsequent tragedy of Captain [[:magna-stormeyes | Magna Stormeyes]], control of Windword isle and Tidewater Rock has passed from hand to hand. Its strategic location and practical defensibility have enabled its owners to enrich …